Graphic Design


Formal Training/Experience

  • Attended classes teaching Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator at ITT-Technical Institute
  • Gave 2 presentations to the Adobe User’s group dealing with Photoshoph and Illustrator
  • Was a paid student teacher at ITT-Technical institute for Photoshop and Intro to 3D graphics classes


Skills List


  • Live trace and live paint including adjusting setting such as tolerance, cornering, etc.
  • Creating and editing text and applying text effects
  • 3D tools and effects including working with imported 3D models
  • Pathfinder Tools, Align Tools and Gradient Tools
  • Experienced in dealing with complex compositions (layering, opacity, multiple artboards, etc.)
  • Creating and manipulating simple shapes to form complex scenes
  • Creating custom pallets, symbols, and brushes
  • Moving between photoshop and Illustrator and combining the tools of both programs


  • Using selection, layering, and masking to achieve complex effects
  • Applying adjustments and filters to illustrations and photos
  • Using various transform tools to manipulate the shapes and perspective of objects
  • Using content aware fill and the heal tool to remove unwanted artifacts/objects from photographs
  • Cleaning up photographs/enhancing photo quality


  • Placing, cropping, and manipulating images text and other content
  • Setting up page styles for ouptput to PDF
  • Outputting to different publication formats such as pdf, epub, and mobi (amazon)
  • Setting up a template document using guides