About Me


I am currently enrolled in the Computer Science department at the University of Texas at Austin. I started programming when I was 19 years old (2005) and my main drive for learning to program has always been and continues to be game development. However, the University of Texas has also helped me broaden my horizons and I am also greatly interested in computer aided modeling, artificial intelligence and data science, and bio informatics. I also have an interest in systems programming particularly assembly and hardware driver development. I have been in college since around 2009 and I have one degree from ITT-Tech. I learned a lot at ITT-Tech however I felt it would not bring me fully to where I wanted to be and so I re-enrolled in college starting at Austin Community College and transferring to The University of Texas at Austin in Spring 2014. Along the way I picked up a number of web development and graphic design skills which I plan to utilize alongside my degree. I am currently seeking internship opportunities for Summer 2017 and starting in 2018 I will be seeking full-time employment as well. I love problem solving, programming and I am looking forward to exploring the field in which I will be working in just a few short years.