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About Teragen Pure Media

Teragen Pure Media started out back in about 2007 with a single application Redd’s Keygen. The original focus of the site was desktop software. Around 2010 the focus becan shifting as the Owner was drastically expanding their skillset in College to include graphic design, web development, and mobile app development. In early 2018 the site shifted again to acting more as a portfolio site for the owner and while many of the original applications where still present, the site itself became a bit hard to navigate. Late 2019 ~ 2020 the owner decided to shift back to focusing more on software development and focused on shifting the site back to a software studio with an emphasis on desktop software, web design and application development. While we do take on graphic design jobs; the graphic design elements are usually encapsulated inour other services and  so for now the goal is to keep things simple

About The Owner



I started programming when I was 19 years old (2005) and my main drive for learning to program has always been and continues to be game development. However, my time in University helped me broaden my horizons to include web design, graphic design, mobile app development, and many other areas I had never considered previously. I have 2 degrees: One in Software Development Technologie from ITT Technical Institute obtained in 2011 as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. I am currently employed in Houston, Texas as well as working on several side projects on my free time.

For more stuff by me check out my github, my deviantart page and my flip book which I have listed above.