Month: June 2019

A virtual safari

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been toying around with creature generation. More specifically I have two mods I’m testing and tweaking at the moment which have been two of my favorites in the past. The first is called Mo’ Creatures and it adds a whole host of new animals and monsters to the game. The second is called Lycantite’s Mobs which adds more fantasy based monsters. These two mods are what has kind of stalled development currently. One of my main goals with any of my servers is making exploration interesting. That being said I normally sort all these creatures into different biomes in order to make exploration more rewarding. In the past I’ve used a mod called Custom Mob Spawner which isn’t available for 1.12.2. However I have found another way around this which I like quite a bit better, called Spawn Table Tweaker which allows you modify vanilla’s spawn table directly.

However, this means quite a bit of testing and development to make sure everything is working correctly. I’ll keep everyone waiting for me to get this up and running posted here and for more info on how development is going check out the issues page located here.

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