Month: July 2019

Named Enchantments Cut + Server Status Script Improved

So as the title suggests there have been quite a few adjustments to the server this week. I cut the named enchantment mode due to the fact that Apotheosis adds identical functionality which when combined with Enchantment Control is actually easier to configure and update. I also added descriptions for all enchantments on our server to the Enchantment Control config file which now show up perfectly in the tooltips. The second big improvement made this week was to the status script. I discovered that it was not pulling player names correctly. It should be working correctly but I will continue to monitor the script to ensure that it is in fact working correctly.

Some other minor adjustments made were attempting to disable the roasting enchantment as it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m not 100% sure if I was successful or not but I did put a note that it’s broken. Finally I added a ton of custom images to Bibliocraft including some video game box art and a few really cool fantasy pics. I may add a few more pics before the Alpha phase is over but so far I’m really happy with how everything is turning out.

I have some new network hardware coming in at the end of July which may result in me having to redo my server’s port forwarding and ip settings. For that reason I want to wait until I have that set up before moving out of Alpha. So far that puts our movement into the Beta Test at around August 10th. I’ll keep posting updates here as we move closer to launch so please check back often.

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Server Scripts Added + Useful Interior Cut

The first week of the alpha test kicked off strong. I managed to get most of our server management scripts working. Right now; those include: A script to restart the server if it crashes, a script to report the status of the server to the website, and a script to create periodic backups in case something catastrophic happens. I may add one more script to restart the server periodically if we end up needing it but otherwise I think our management scripts are done

I also cut the mod Useful Interior as there was a bug causing the trashcan to crash. The mod had some nice pieces of furniture which complemented Crayfish’s furniture mod however I favor stability over everything else. I’m going to (lightly) look for a replacement; however we may just end up with cut features. This is what the alpha is for though. Right now we’re still shooting for a release sometime in mid-August. However that date could slip pending issues arising. In any case check back here for updates and looking forward to seeing everyone online.

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Alpha Test Live

I finally went ahead and took the server live into alpha phase. The server is connected although it will not be up 24/7 until at least beta phase. Also I am not going to update the mod list just yet as there is a chance that some of the mods may be discontinued or need to be updated. While the links to the downloads are now live it is important to remember that unless white-listed users will be unable to connect to the site and most likely manual patching or re-downloading of the server files will be required before we go live. Also the server will reset after the alpha phase so all things to keep in mind. During alpha, I will be trying to locate any bugs I may have missed in development as well as setting up scripts to help keep the server up with as little down time as possible. Please check back here for further updates and as always I look forward to seeing everyone online.

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End of an Era — Goodbye Mo’ Creatures

Well, it’s been a while since I posted mainly due to working on trying to integrate Mo’ Creatures into the site’s mod list. Unfortunately as much as I love this mod there are just too many conflicts with later versions to feasibly include it. In order to really control how Mo’ Creatures spawns things you really need it’s sister mod Custom Mob Spawner which is a hot mess in terms of compatibility with other Mods. After considering cutting both Tropicraft and Biomes o’ plenty (two of my favorite mods) in order to accommodate Mo’ Creatures I decided the cost was just too high. I also decided against Lycanite’s Mobs as the models don’t integrate in with the Vanilla models very well and additionally I feel like a lot of the extra items and weapons added by that mod are a bit to OP for what I’m going for. Instead of Mo’ creatures I’m adding a series of smaller mods to fill the gap. As it stands right now, I’m busy configuring our ruin spawning system as well as a few other mods after which we should be ready to move to Alpha phase. Check the site for more updates and I look forward to seeing everyone online.

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