Named Enchantments Cut + Server Status Script Improved

So as the title suggests there have been quite a few adjustments to the server this week. I cut the named enchantment mode due to the fact that Apotheosis adds identical functionality which when combined with Enchantment Control is actually easier to configure and update. I also added descriptions for all enchantments on our server to the Enchantment Control config file which now show up perfectly in the tooltips. The second big improvement made this week was to the status script. I discovered that it was not pulling player names correctly. It should be working correctly but I will continue to monitor the script to ensure that it is in fact working correctly.

Some other minor adjustments made were attempting to disable the roasting enchantment as it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m not 100% sure if I was successful or not but I did put a note that it’s broken. Finally I added a ton of custom images to Bibliocraft including some video game box art and a few really cool fantasy pics. I may add a few more pics before the Alpha phase is over but so far I’m really happy with how everything is turning out.

I have some new network hardware coming in at the end of July which may result in me having to redo my server’s port forwarding and ip settings. For that reason I want to wait until I have that set up before moving out of Alpha. So far that puts our movement into the Beta Test at around August 10th. I’ll keep posting updates here as we move closer to launch so please check back often.

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