Month: August 2019

Alpha Phase Nearing Completion

Alpha phase is nearly complete as I am running out of things to test and many of the things I was initially concerned about have been tested and either verified as stable or cut. I finished installing a new wifi system and verified that my port forwarding settings transferred over correctly. I am also wrapping up a redo of the dragon nests as I discovered they were not spawning in any of the Biomes O’ Plenty or Traverse biomes and so I’m going to disable the worldgen from the mod itself and instead work the nest generation into the ruin spawning system. For a full list of where nests spawn check the mod page after relaunch.

Aside from the two major issues listed above, I still need to test the twilight forest and tropicraft to make sure nothing is out of sorts there and hopefully nothing additional will need to be cut. Once I’m satisfied with all this I will restart the world and put out an update to the mod page showing all mods which made the cut and eliminating all mods which didn’t. At that point we should be good to go. We’ll technically be in beta phase for up to 6 months but at this point I expect most of the bugs to have been figured out and so I’m not planning to have to do a world reset at the end of beta. Once again I thank everyone for being patient with testing as I’m hoping it will result in a server which is not only stable but more fun to play and as always I look forward to seeing you all online.

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