Month: September 2019

More Website Changes

Hello all,
Announcements will probably start coming fewer and far between now that the actual server is live and I don’t expect too many issues to arise seeing as pre-launch testing was so extensive. That being said there have been a few changes to the website. The server now displays whether it’s online or offline on the home page.

Additionally, a “New Posts” section has been added to the homepage below announcements so that I don’t have to keep posting announcements about every new guide and challenge I release

Finally, I started a leaderboard which is based on challenges completed.

I encourage everyone to check the site frequently as I am adding new content weekly.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys their time on the server and I also hope to see you online.

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Website Updated

There have been some restructuring changes to the website. Several sections have been combined in an effort to make the site less confusing as well as to give users a bit more than just a place to install the serve from. The “Mods” page has been expanded into a “Wikis” section which includes several new sections not only for reference but for ideas of what to do as well.

The technical section which was previously at the bottom of the home page has also been reworked into a support section and includes all the previous links.

Finally, the join server and downloads tabs have been combined into a single page since the only downloads we have are the server installs.

I added a bit of content to each section and will continue to update the wikis section weekly so I hope you all check back often. For the rest of the week I’ll be enjoying the server myself and so I hope to see you all online soon.

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New Server Live

The alpha test has been successfully completed and no serious issues were found. There were a couple of minor issues which have been or will be added to the issues page within the next couple of days. However, for the most part things went very smooth. I will aslo be updating this site within the next couple of days with a new and revised mod list since several mods were added/cut during the alpha test. I also plan to add some new sections to help users navigate our mods. So, the server itself is live but there will still be things added and modified; just no new mods added or cut (most likely). As always I thank everyone for being patient and look forward to seeing you all online.

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