Arrival Hub

A player’s first day in Minecraft is crucial for a new player as they scout out a place for a potential base and begin gathering resources for a build or prepare to explore.

However, on a server it can be even more daunting as resource near the spawn point will most likely be picked clean and the player could end up joining during the night or near dusk and have no chance to to prepare before being thrust into battle.

This is a group challenge to contribute to building a spawn area port to help new players and also as sort of a group hangout for the server. That being said, the rewards are pretty small but there aren’t any real requirements here so it should be fairly easy.


  • Must be near or at world spawn
  • Must be functional or add some kind of value to the hub i.e. vending machines, farms, roads, paths, etc. (don’t expect to place 4 bricks and get a reward).

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