Entering the Aether

The Aether is a dimension which is meant to be a complete polar opposite of the Nether. Situated high in the clouds, the Aether can be a fun (and deadly) place to explore. Accessing the dimension is similar to the nether with the main differences being that the gate is constructed from glowstone vs. obsidian and you activate it with a bucket of water vs. a flint and steel

Comparison of Nether and Aether portals

Once inside the Aether you will be given a golden parachute and a lexicon which can be used to obtain information about items from the Aether.

That’s all there really is to this guide; like the Nether, the Aether is fairly straightforward and aside from the few gotchas at the end of the guide there’s not much more I can say without spoiling the experience.

Tips and Gotchas

  • The Aether is above the overworld so if you fall off, you’ll fall back into the overworld (and die if you don’t use your parachute)
  • There are many different things in the Aether that launch you into the air or sideways or have the potential of knocking you back to earth so I’d recommend keeping your parachute in your left hand so you can easily activate it with right click
  • You cannot use regular torches in the Aether, instead you have to craft ambrosium torches so bring a crafting table.

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