Month: November 2019

Server Back Online!

The server is back up after some issues which arose earlier in the week. We had a power outage around 12pm on Tuesday which resulted in the server being offline until around 6:30pm when I got home from work and realized it was offline. I got everything fixed and rolled out a backup and everything appeared to be A-OK

The following morning however, I checked the status and it showed it was offline again. This worried me and I checked my computer and sure enough it was offline. I tried turning it back on a few times and nothing happened. I diagnosed the problem as a faulty power supply and made a trip to Fry’s electronics with my Dad who agreed it was a faulty power supply after examining the machine.

The power supply fixed the problem; however the server remained offline until I got back from my parents. I just tested everything and the server is back online and appears to be running just fine. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to our players and I hope to see you all online.

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