First Week Reflections

Well, our first week back up was fairly uneventful. Membership is still lagging but I hope to change that this time around. Nothing crazy but I would like to have 5 or 6 people active at a time. I also added a couple of mods to help with deco.

Flat colored blocks is new to me; but so far I’ve been fairly impressed. The ability to get blocks to build with in practically any color and the ability to combine dye colors is impressive.

Chisel & bits is a mode I’ve used before and I flip-flopped adding it last time around and also this time and so decided to go ahead and add it. It’s a fairly impressive mod allowing the user to split each block into 4096 smaller voxels (pixel sized blocks). this allows for some insane customization options and paired with the flat colored blocks mod users can pretty much make any decoration their heart desires.

So far as server news. The giant metal knight in the underground mine on the starting island has finally been defeated and sea serpents continue to make themselves a nuisance near the edges of the island so be careful. Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings and as always I hope to see you online.

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