Brave New World

Hello all, so there have been a few mod changes (minor) since the last announcement:

  • [Removed] Chisel & Bits: The mod was causing massive amounts of lag and so as much as it pained me to do so I had to back it out. Feel free to keep the launcher with that mod in it (if you have it still). Just note that mod will not be a part of the multiplayer experience any longer
  • [Added] Enchantment descriptions for Aquaculture: I noticed that the enchantment descriptions for aquaculture were blank and so I added them
  • [Added] More TV channels: You can find them under the link in the wikis section
  • [Tweaked] Rat spawn rate: I noticed that rats were not really spawning. I think it’s because the spawn rate was based on the vanilla spawn rate. I increased the spawn rates for both rats and the rat piper and both seem to be appearing at a good rate now. If either seem to low/high let me know.

Also on the server side of things there has been an (accidental) major change in that a script I’m using for cleanup and backup accidentally deleted the old world. The script has been fixed so this shouldn’t happen again. I also used the chance to pick a spawn rate that’s not a small island since sea serpents tend to be a substantial nuisance in those biomes. Once again sorry if you lost any progress and let me know if you did lose anything and I’ll replace it (it’s only fair). In any case that’s all for news this week, stay tuned for more in the future and as always I hope to see you online.

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