The Blocky Wilds™ is a private Minecraft server hosted out of Houston Texas. The server has been running off and on since 2015, undergoing several version changes and numerous platform changes since it’s initial release.

The server first started off using Bukkit as a hosting framework and ran with this configuration for close to 6 months. At the same time I had been doing a lot of experimentation with client side mods and wanted to integrate Forge into the server architecture. As a result, the architecture of the server switched to Cauldron which had the capability to run both Forge and Bukkit mods. This architecture was probably my favorite and there are a lot of really solid Bukkit mods I still miss. This configuration ran for about 7 months before going offline due to a power surge which resulted in an unexpected restart which corrupted the server. I was still new to Linux and so I hadn’t really made any scripts to help recover from such events.

After the power outage I did a bit of research and found out that Cauldron had some bugs which were most likely never going to get resolved due to the abandoning of the project. This was a little bit after the point where Microsoft had purchased Minecraft and in the wake of that development of Bukkit and as a result Cauldron as well had kind of died off. This along with my wanting to move away from 1.7.10 lead to me deciding to migrate to a full Forge architecture for the server. I also took a much longer time testing things than I had previously. My new concern was stability and synergy between mods. I even made a custom installer to help users manage mod installation, patching, etc. The server officially went online in June 2016 and was one of the more stable servers I’ve run. This server was up for around a year before I finally cut it due to lack of activity (my own included).

The new server currently under development uses Forge just like the last server, and similar to the last server I’m planning on using a strict Forge framework. Unlike last time however, I have grown considerably as a programmer and I have a great more deal of knowledge concerning Linux and bash scripting. I plan on using this knowledge to put a higher emphasis on server longevity primarily by creating backups, and making sure the server is always running (without the need for me to restart it myself). So far as the mods go my goals are to create a stable and balanced gameplay experience while trying to stick fairly close to Vanilla minecraft gameplay.

Most importantly however, my goal as always is to create a fun and free Minecraft experience and I thank all of our players who support us now and have supported us in the past. If you’d like to check out the servers progress in detail over the years I have the announcements from our old site archived here