Archived Announcements

April 19th 2017: Spawner Added!
As hinted at in my previous update, Mo’ creatures and a custom monster spawner has been added to the server. Mo’ Creatures adds a large variety of monsters, animals, and insects. I used a python script to distribute the new monsters into each biome to give each a unique experience and to keep exploring from feeling so homogeneous. I also added decocraft which gives users the ability to craft a large variety of custom furniture using colored clay. Expect the lootbag mod to follow shortly and as always I hope you enjoy the server.

April 11th, 2017: Finally Stable
It has been a long and winding road but after nearly 3 years of development I feel like I have finally reached a stable configuration for the server meaning from this point on the chance of a reset is significantly low. I have toyed around with other versions as well as numerous mods and after all my experimentation I came to a realization that the true fun of Minecraft is the building aspect. Everything else such as survival, exploration, etc. adds to the fun but the really fun aspect is being able to shape the world however you want. With this in mind I scaled back the mods from 93 to 43 and focused on decoration and building mods. As of right now our configuration is stable and takes around 650MB to run which is fairly lightweight compared to the 2.5GB the old server took to run. I do have 2 major updates planned for the server which will be implemented in the upcoming weeks the first being the re-implementation of mo’ creatures and the second being the implementation of lootbags. Aside from these updates most likely no new mods will be added aside from mods I make myself. With this in mind I hope to update our site, flickr, and youtube channel more often and most importantly, I hope you enjoy our server.

June 20th, 2016: Update Released
So I released an update for the server today which IS required to log in. This only applies if you have downloaded and installed the game prior to today. The update includes some minor tweaks for Lycantite’s Mobs and JAS which the most noticeable difference being that I removed the boss health bar for enemies such as the Lunar Grue and Umber Lobber. I also tweaked the Frap blender recipe color to be more coffee colored vs. the mango yellow it turned out to be the first time. The most noticeable changes however are an upgrade to a support mod Mantle which fixed an issue I noticed where some of the books from Tinker’s Construct had broken text in the form of black rectangles covering the letters and also a rollback to the earlier version of Equivalent Exchange which fixed several issues I noticed such as: you can actually put the Tome of Alchemical Knowledge on bookshelves again, verdant dust and azure dust are now available again, and the GUI for the transmutation circle no longer messes up if you take the book out to add new items. Sorry for the disruptions but I feel the server is running much more smoothly now. I will continue to keep everyone informed of changes as they occur and as always I hope you enjoy your time on our server

June 16th, 2016: A few bugs and some minor tweaks
The server has now been up for 3 days and for the most part it’s running smooth. A few oddities were found and fixed and I did some minor tweaking on the spawn system to fix a few anomalies I noticed. First I lowered the tick rate as I noticed monsters were spawning and re-spawning too frequently (like almost instantly). Additionally, I found the setting which was spawning Chupacabra in the twilight forest and removed them and also found a line in the vanilla spawn file which was spawning creepers in the twilight forest (which also aren’t supposed to be there). In any case I will continue monitoring the server and will fix things as I find them

June 13th, 2016: New Server Active
It has finally happened, after our server crashed in mid-February of this year I decided to build the server from the ground up. The old server had been having some persistent issues and upon research I found out that it was most likely due to Bukkit and therefore I started to make plans to the effect as to move away from Bukkit and establish a new, more stable server. Well, that required a lot of testing and a LOT of tweaking but here we are. I haven’t released our mod list yet but expect that soon. Also expect tutorials, video walk-throughs and a host of other improvement as the summer moves forward. To those of you who have been with me from the beginning I thank you, and I hope you continue to enjoy your time here, and for those of you just joining us on this server, I hope you fully enjoy your time on the server as I have worked very hard to make it the place it is today.

Mar 27th 2016: New Terrain Generator Chosen
After a bit of testing, we switched from RTG to ATG for terrain generation. The primary reason for the switch was that our previous generator failed to generate some of the environmental effects which Oceancraft added. However, I personally favor ATG due to the realistic temperature and biome looping features. Without getting too technical, ATG simulates polar and equatorial regions by generating biomes based on temperature and humidity vs. the random factor normally used. I’ve been playing around with it a lot over the last few days and aside from having to manually patch in the dark biomes from Abyssalcraft it’s worked pretty well. I will keep everyone posted as we get closer to the launch but so far and aside from a few tweaks we seem to be good to go.

Mar 23rd 2016: New Server Imminent
Following our February blackout, I ended up with a bit of spare time during a lull between tests and put together a new server. I’ve done a lot of research and I believe we’re stable. However, this time I want to do things right. For that reason the server is in Hiatus until June 2016, when I plan to open it to the public. Some of the changes we’ve made is 1. Switching off of Cauldron to Forge in an effort to improve stability 2. Put a greater emphasis on testing before implementation and 3. Put a great amount of research and effort into optimizing server performance. I also realize that normally this would require a greater amount of technical knowledge from our users; so to try and mediate that I am in the middle of designing an installer which will set up the system for players and will give them options of setting up their Minecraft profile for forge, removing their old minecraft installation (if they need/want to), installing the server itself and patches, and optimizing game performance based on installed hardware. I will probably have very limited time to work on this until May when the semester is over. However, it is my goal to wrap up testing and implementation of the installer and the new website as quickly as possible in order to get new and current users back online as soon as I can.

Feb 15th 2016: Server Down (indefinitely)
Following a power outage, corrupted server installation, and a failure to restore a backup. The server was wiped however sporadic errors remained. Despite my best efforts to clean up the cascading avalanche of problems which seemed to be growing every time I attempted to fix one of them I have decided just to take the whole server offline until I have time to really look into fixing it. I wish I could get it up and running quickly however it seems that is not the case. I believe the instabilities are being caused by an unstable version of our server software and so I will be looking into alternate solutions either in March over break or more likely this summer. I do still plan on attempting to do a combination server side / client side modded server however, in the worst case scenario and if stability truly becomes a problem I will choose one or the other. Please note I plan to be very careful this time around and do copious testing beforehand to avoid errors like this in the future. I am also going to modify my Chron job to ensure a catastrophe like this never happens again. Sorry to take this down but I will get it back up and running as soon as I have the time to dedicate to it. In the meantime keep on digging and feel free to ping me with any questions or comments

Jan 6th 2016: Updates
There were a few major updates implemented today. First, rusty tools are now useful. To use them, combine a rusty tool and woven cotton in the crafting table to polish it and possibly turn it into something better…or break it (depending. Second, OmegaTreasure has been removed from plugins due to compatibility issues. At this time there are no plans to re-implement it however, using MythicMobs a new set of artifacts will be generated. Third, the Wyvern end was tweaked in order to allow Wyverns to spawn more frequently and to have more Wyverns spawn at once (makes it more challenging). In any case more updates will be posted as they develop for now though enjoy your time on the server and please report any issues you experience using the contact page.

Jan 4th 2016: Server Outage Over
Power outage is over, the teamspeak server and the minecraft server are back up. Once again sorry for any inconvenience this caused

Jan 3rd 2016: Server Outage Expected
The server is expected to be down tomorrow January 4th from 8:30am ~ 1:30pm due to a scheduled power shut off from Austin Energy. The server will be brought back up as soon as power is restored. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes and I hope everyone continues to enjoy their time on our server.

Dec 13th 2015: Patch 06 Released
Well the holiday season is upon us and the season wouldn’t be complete without patching. Patch 06 involves a replacement of the CustomMobSpawner mod which had a conflict with the Oceancraft mod (it wasn’t spawning any sea creatures which was kinda the point of the mod). In any case I did some quick testing and both Mo Creatures and Oceancraft appear to be working. additionally and from what I can tell JustAnotherSpawner unloaded and reloaded all the creatures so it the map should be fully up to date. In any case this should result in a more enriching experience. Additionally I’m also toying around with a couple of plugins which might me implemented in the next few weeks (but those don’t require a patch). In any case I will keep you posted for all future developments and will continue to work towards making this the best Minecraft experience possible.

Dec 9th 2015: New Server New Mods
Hello All, just a quick update. Since the November reset there is nothing out of place (seemingly) However, we will continue to monitor the server and in time will attempt to reactivate sky land as well as desert land (or possibly some other land). The goal of course is still providing a fun (mostly) lag free environment. I hope to see all of you online during the coming weeks and to expand the member base if possible. Here’s the Blocky Wilds saying thank you for your continued support and we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Nov 21st 2015: Connection Error – Time Out (Working on full fix)
Hello all, so in an attempt to finally fix this problem I have been scanning log files, tweaking server settings, and combing forum posts in an attempt to make the server more stable. I think I may have fixed it and I believe the problem stemmed from corrupted chunks in the world file which were edited using an admin plugin called world edit. Unfortunately, this meant some pretty drastic changes including a wipe of the world. Below is a full list of the changes. I am sorry about the wipe and while the issue does appear to be fixed, I will continue to monitor the situation and update the site as events develop

– TurkeyUtil — No longer active, feel free to delete
– WorldEdit — Removed (due to bugs)
– Skyworld and Desert world disabled (Temporarily) — Debugging one world is bad enough let alone three, therefore these worlds have been disabled until I’m certain that the bugs have been fixed. At that point these worlds will be re-created.

Nov 14th 2015: Connection Error – Time out Fixed (Partially)
Ok, I’m not sure how many people (if any) have been having a problem connecting to the server however I was having this problem a lot. What I am referring to, is when trying to connect the player would be disconnected with the message “Connection Error timed out” and when the player tried to log back in they would be unable to do so and it would show that on player was connected to the server. I tweaked the server files and now it still kicks me however I can log in right away. If you get disconnected when first trying to log on, simply re-connect and it should allow you to re-connect immediately. Please let me know if the problem persists (use the contact page to email)

July 7th 2015: Patch 05 Released Early
Patch 05 was released early due to a slump in activity during daily hours. The risk was considered low enough to apply the patch and both the patch and the Blocky Modpack have been updated to reflect the new mods added. Additionally, incremental backups have been set up for the server in the event that something goes horribly wrong. Decisions on how long to keep the backups as well as  how to handle the outdated backups will be decided in time and players will be notified ahead of time before a backup is applied. Keep checking back here for more information.

July 3rd 2015: Major Updates and Tweaks
Hello everyone, so far no major issues have presented themselves performance wise and the server is running smoothly. A few minor tweaks have been added for convenience as well as to fix some issues which were found on the server. First, There was a glitch in the wool de-construction recipe which allowed for infinite wool; that has been corrected. Second there was a glitch in the magic loot system which added unknown effects to weapons and armor many of which were detrimental. These have been fixed. Third, Enchanted books are now craftable and the recipes for these will be posted in the mods section soon. The recipe isn’t hard however. It’s simply 1 enchanted dust, 1 golden feather, and a number of books equal to the enchantment level. You can use as many as 7 books for many of the enchantments however, be warned that doing so will make these books unable to be used with the anvil. These books are expected to still work with Botania’s enchantment system however hence why I made them available

June 23rd 2015: Baubles Confirmed Working
Just to clarify, originally I could not see the baubles plugin working; however this is because Journeymap’s key binding for waypoints blocks baubles. So for those of you who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. Baubles has it’s own inventory which adds 4 slots to your equipment menu. Normally this can be accessed by pressing ‘b’. To solve this problem simply go into your menu by hitting the Esc key; then go into the control bindings menu options > controls and either re-map the baubles hotkey or re-map journeymap’s waypoint key. For those of you who don’t like things complex I recommend disabling your inventory and remapping baubles to ‘e’

June 20th 2015: New Patch Released; Server Now Live
Two big things happened today. First; patch 4 was released and second and more excitingly the server went live; which means no more shutting down the server at night. The server will be continually monitored and on occasion may be restarted in order to apply security updates or server updates but for the most part the server should be live 24/7. One more important note is that the jewelry in the Botania plugin are just for show (at least for the time being) as the Baubles plugin does not seem to be working correctly. Other than that enjoy the server and I hope to see you all online

June 17th 2015: Patch 03 Released
So as we near the June 21st deadline for the site going live; I managed to get one of the original mods I had slated for the server working (Botania). The main problem was with the dependent mod, not Botania itself but after installing a slightly older version of the dependent mod (Baubles) I finally got it working. However, since this is a client side plugin; that involves a patch. Sorry people, but the mod will make up for the trouble. For more info on what Botania has to offer check out the mod page

June 17th 2015: Weekly Site Maintenance Complete
At the notification of one of our members; I cleaned up some dead links and depreciated plugins from the plugin list. Among these the biggest abridgement to the plugin list is the removal of the MythicMob plugin due to a lack of customization options/ease of use. Skipping the technical details and moving on to the layman’s definition; The plugin does not provide enough flexibility with editing the appearance of mobs and at the same time the steps to actually produce a custom mob which really does behave differently are so complex I might as well just make my own custom mod and inject it into the server vs. trying to use the plugin. Additionally (and not yet implemented) look for a whole slew of new crafts to be added in the weeks to come including (some) craftable forms of gems, spawn eggs, and books of enchanting

June 15th 2015: Patch 02 Released
Patch adds new monsters to the server and removes the old fc-1.7.10-2.0.1.jar mod from the server (which was either not working or not the mod I was looking for); in any case hopefully this will fix the problem, this should add lots of new mobs such as cavemen, villagers, dinosaurs, elephants, lions, etc. Look for them in appropriate biomes

June 11th 2015: Patch 01 Released
We are halfway through the probationary period and so far so good, most of the issues which plagued the server at launch seem to have been dealt with and a conservative method of adding new mods and plugins has been implemented to ensure that errors and conflicts are found as quickly as possible. This being said, there are a slew of new items and mobs being tested right now to help give the server a more personalized feel. Lastly and most importantly Two new client mods were added and as such there is a patch which will need to be downloaded and installed in order to continue playing. This patch only applies to players who downloaded their modpack before June 11 2015 as the main modpack file has also been updated as to keep from forcing new players to have to download multiple modpack files (trying to keep it all in one). In closing, I hope to see everyone online and be sure to check back here often for more news

Technical Note: If you continue to get error messages after installing the patch, completely close your client and restart it. You cannot install the patch with minecraft open.

June 8th 2015: Updates
This past week has been a monumental one for testing and development. Firstly, I managed to fix the Bad Packet 64 bug which was plaguing our server and thanks to one of our members I discovered another bug with the gate leading to sky land, which has now been fixed. Additionally I added a plugin called Mythic Mobs to the site (No additional downloads necessary) and fixed Millenare villages to work correctly. Millenare was simply using the wrong version, it has been updated to the server version and no additional actions are required by our members to use it. Mythic Mobs will allow me to create custom items and monsters (including bosses and minibosses) which will add a bit more of an RPG aspect to the game and should (hopefully make it a bit more interesting) I will continue to update everyone as I add stuff so please check back often!

June 6th 2015: Slight Trouble at new start
There was a slight issue while testing the server last night and we experienced several unexpected crashes. I suspect these crashes were caused by either the Weather plugin or the BioSeasons plugin. I suspect the BioSeasons plugin due to the fact it was the only plugin throwing a warning at the time of launch and seemed to be having some issues running on 1.7.10 (it was designed for 1.7.2) The other culprit is the Weather mod which was in the middle of creating a storm when the server crashed. I will need to test each of these separately to try and locate the cause of the problem. Once the problem has been fixed the server will continue as normal. In order to remove the effect of the BioSeasons plugin the server was wiped and re-started. No other server restarts are expected at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

June 5th 2015: New Server Online, Probation Hours 11pm
So like the title of the announcement says; the new server is officially online. your old server settings should work just fine for accessing the new server. However, since we’re running cauldron you will need to install the appropriate mods in order to log in from this point forward which will mean installing forge on your machine. If you’ve never done this sort of thing before and are confused there is an install guide in the downloads section (along with a version of forge and a Modpack for you to use if you desire). It’s been a long time coming but this version of the server shouldn’t require a wipe and should have ongoing improvements. I look forward to what everyone will bring to the server and I hope you all have a great time in “The Blocky Wilds”

June 5th 2015: New server imminent
So it’s been a while since I posted here (mainly due to school and such) but a LOT has changed. I finally ordered, built and set up the new server and it will be going online within the next few days running cauldron this time instead of bukkit. Now, since we’re using a different architecture, a few of the original plugins had to be removed as they were not working. Please consult the plugin page to see a list of de-activated plugins and visit the new mod section to see a list of client side mods which our server supports. You will also notice there is now a downloads page. This page is probably the most important addition due to the fact that under the new server architecture, you must have all client side mods installed which the server is currently using. Please follow the instructions available on the downloads page for modding minecraft, and check back here often for news of the new server launch. Note: those of you with accounts registered with the site will also receive and email

jan 17th 2015: Server back up
The new cable box is in place and the server is back up. Also making plans to get a rackserver to host on which if I do that should solve the other half of the lag issue. I will continue to develop the server as I have time and will work towards delivering the most enjoyable minecraft experience possible

Jan 16th 2015: Widespread Updates to Server
I discovered I did not have to take the server offline to install updates so maintenance is complete. It is advised that you check the installed mods page as there have been a huge number of changes added within the last few days and numerous guides and documentation have been added

Jan 14th 2015: MagicLoot Changes Made
The MagicLoot plugin (see mod list for details) was tweaked earlier today in an attempt to make the items found a little more worthwhile. The following are a list of changes made to the MagicLoot System
– Removed enchanted books from the loot (they are useless with the anvil)
– Removed many of the nonsensical naming prefixes and suffixes so no more weapons like “Aisian Swiftness” or “Advanced Kindness”
– Tweaked the rune percentage from 30% to 5% in an effort to cut down on stumbling upon entire abandoned cities
– Tweaked chest drops; removed all enchanted chainmail, and leather armors also removed wooden and stone weapons
I will continue to monitor this system and all changes should be put into effect on any new ruins discovered; old ruins will not be affected presumably so the previous items should still be there. Further changes will be made and posted as the need arises

Jan 13th 2015: Disabled Biome Seasons
The biome seasons plugin has temporarily been disabled due to the heavy workload it places on the server. This plugin will be re-activated at a later date (possibly summer) and once it is determined that the plugin can be loaded with little to no effect on server performance

Jan 13th 2015: Apology for short outage
We apologize for the short outage which occurred at roughly 4:50pm today. We were doing emergency maintenance on the server to fix a bug in the weather system which was hurting anyone caught outside during the winter. The bug has been attended to and should not be a problem from this point on. The players affected by the bug will receive 50000 xp and an item of their choice. Thank you for choosing blocky wilds and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Jan 12th 2015: Website Online!
At of 4:10pm Jan 12th 2015 our website is online. This will act to attract new members and to inform both current and prospective members about what our server has to offer. If you cannot get into the website yet follow the instructions on the “Join Server” page to get started. Paragraph

Jan 11th 2015 : Server Online!
At 5:37pm on Jan. 11th our server went online publicly for the first time. So far expected membership is expected to be at about 8 people but we want to see membership grow as well. Members are encouraged to research plugins to contribute to the server. A server is after all a community and as such a server can only reach its full potential when all members are actively invested. If researching plugins for the server please keep in mind that client plugins such as oceancraft or twilight forest are not the same as server plugins. You will be looking for Bukkit Server plugins and more specifically plugins with the version 1.7.9 If the version doesn’t match up the plugin won’t work. I’m very excited to host the server for all of you and I look forward to seeing what all of you will bring to it.