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Dreamcraft is Here

Hello All,

The server has been updated to use Minecraft v1.18.1 and this time around we are using a stock Curseforge modpack called Dreamcraft. That being said, announcements will mostly correspond to Dreamcraft releases and news. You can also use the Dreamcraft link on the menu to follow Kasax007’s progress yourself. I hope you enjoy the server and see you online

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Brave New World

Hello all, so there have been a few mod changes (minor) since the last announcement:

  • [Removed] Chisel & Bits: The mod was causing massive amounts of lag and so as much as it pained me to do so I had to back it out. Feel free to keep the launcher with that mod in it (if you have it still). Just note that mod will not be a part of the multiplayer experience any longer
  • [Added] Enchantment descriptions for Aquaculture: I noticed that the enchantment descriptions for aquaculture were blank and so I added them
  • [Added] More TV channels: You can find them under the link in the wikis section
  • [Tweaked] Rat spawn rate: I noticed that rats were not really spawning. I think it’s because the spawn rate was based on the vanilla spawn rate. I increased the spawn rates for both rats and the rat piper and both seem to be appearing at a good rate now. If either seem to low/high let me know.

Also on the server side of things there has been an (accidental) major change in that a script I’m using for cleanup and backup accidentally deleted the old world. The script has been fixed so this shouldn’t happen again. I also used the chance to pick a spawn rate that’s not a small island since sea serpents tend to be a substantial nuisance in those biomes. Once again sorry if you lost any progress and let me know if you did lose anything and I’ll replace it (it’s only fair). In any case that’s all for news this week, stay tuned for more in the future and as always I hope to see you online.

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First Week Reflections

Well, our first week back up was fairly uneventful. Membership is still lagging but I hope to change that this time around. Nothing crazy but I would like to have 5 or 6 people active at a time. I also added a couple of mods to help with deco.

Flat colored blocks is new to me; but so far I’ve been fairly impressed. The ability to get blocks to build with in practically any color and the ability to combine dye colors is impressive.

Chisel & bits is a mode I’ve used before and I flip-flopped adding it last time around and also this time and so decided to go ahead and add it. It’s a fairly impressive mod allowing the user to split each block into 4096 smaller voxels (pixel sized blocks). this allows for some insane customization options and paired with the flat colored blocks mod users can pretty much make any decoration their heart desires.

So far as server news. The giant metal knight in the underground mine on the starting island has finally been defeated and sea serpents continue to make themselves a nuisance near the edges of the island so be careful. Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings and as always I hope to see you online.

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Server Upgraded To v3.01

I reset the server and added a couple of new mods which I’ve been toying around with. We’re still running minecraft 1.12.2 but the new additions should be worth it. Also, your work is not gone! I backed up the old server’s world profile and patched it into a single player instance which can be loaded into multi-mc. The file size is fairly large at just under 3GB but this does provide a way for you to revisit all your old builds and progress. This also means you’ll need a new client. Instructions for installing the new client as well as for installing the single player profile can be found here. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone online and get a good feeling about this release. Additionally I depreciated the leader boards and added a dedicated discord for the server since my old one has kind of turned into my personal discord.

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Server Back Online!

The server is back up after some issues which arose earlier in the week. We had a power outage around 12pm on Tuesday which resulted in the server being offline until around 6:30pm when I got home from work and realized it was offline. I got everything fixed and rolled out a backup and everything appeared to be A-OK

The following morning however, I checked the status and it showed it was offline again. This worried me and I checked my computer and sure enough it was offline. I tried turning it back on a few times and nothing happened. I diagnosed the problem as a faulty power supply and made a trip to Fry’s electronics with my Dad who agreed it was a faulty power supply after examining the machine.

The power supply fixed the problem; however the server remained offline until I got back from my parents. I just tested everything and the server is back online and appears to be running just fine. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to our players and I hope to see you all online.

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More Website Changes

Hello all,
Announcements will probably start coming fewer and far between now that the actual server is live and I don’t expect too many issues to arise seeing as pre-launch testing was so extensive. That being said there have been a few changes to the website. The server now displays whether it’s online or offline on the home page.

Additionally, a “New Posts” section has been added to the homepage below announcements so that I don’t have to keep posting announcements about every new guide and challenge I release

Finally, I started a leaderboard which is based on challenges completed.

I encourage everyone to check the site frequently as I am adding new content weekly.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys their time on the server and I also hope to see you online.

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Website Updated

There have been some restructuring changes to the website. Several sections have been combined in an effort to make the site less confusing as well as to give users a bit more than just a place to install the serve from. The “Mods” page has been expanded into a “Wikis” section which includes several new sections not only for reference but for ideas of what to do as well.

The technical section which was previously at the bottom of the home page has also been reworked into a support section and includes all the previous links.

Finally, the join server and downloads tabs have been combined into a single page since the only downloads we have are the server installs.

I added a bit of content to each section and will continue to update the wikis section weekly so I hope you all check back often. For the rest of the week I’ll be enjoying the server myself and so I hope to see you all online soon.

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New Server Live

The alpha test has been successfully completed and no serious issues were found. There were a couple of minor issues which have been or will be added to the issues page within the next couple of days. However, for the most part things went very smooth. I will aslo be updating this site within the next couple of days with a new and revised mod list since several mods were added/cut during the alpha test. I also plan to add some new sections to help users navigate our mods. So, the server itself is live but there will still be things added and modified; just no new mods added or cut (most likely). As always I thank everyone for being patient and look forward to seeing you all online.

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Alpha Phase Nearing Completion

Alpha phase is nearly complete as I am running out of things to test and many of the things I was initially concerned about have been tested and either verified as stable or cut. I finished installing a new wifi system and verified that my port forwarding settings transferred over correctly. I am also wrapping up a redo of the dragon nests as I discovered they were not spawning in any of the Biomes O’ Plenty or Traverse biomes and so I’m going to disable the worldgen from the mod itself and instead work the nest generation into the ruin spawning system. For a full list of where nests spawn check the mod page after relaunch.

Aside from the two major issues listed above, I still need to test the twilight forest and tropicraft to make sure nothing is out of sorts there and hopefully nothing additional will need to be cut. Once I’m satisfied with all this I will restart the world and put out an update to the mod page showing all mods which made the cut and eliminating all mods which didn’t. At that point we should be good to go. We’ll technically be in beta phase for up to 6 months but at this point I expect most of the bugs to have been figured out and so I’m not planning to have to do a world reset at the end of beta. Once again I thank everyone for being patient with testing as I’m hoping it will result in a server which is not only stable but more fun to play and as always I look forward to seeing you all online.

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Named Enchantments Cut + Server Status Script Improved

So as the title suggests there have been quite a few adjustments to the server this week. I cut the named enchantment mode due to the fact that Apotheosis adds identical functionality which when combined with Enchantment Control is actually easier to configure and update. I also added descriptions for all enchantments on our server to the Enchantment Control config file which now show up perfectly in the tooltips. The second big improvement made this week was to the status script. I discovered that it was not pulling player names correctly. It should be working correctly but I will continue to monitor the script to ensure that it is in fact working correctly.

Some other minor adjustments made were attempting to disable the roasting enchantment as it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m not 100% sure if I was successful or not but I did put a note that it’s broken. Finally I added a ton of custom images to Bibliocraft including some video game box art and a few really cool fantasy pics. I may add a few more pics before the Alpha phase is over but so far I’m really happy with how everything is turning out.

I have some new network hardware coming in at the end of July which may result in me having to redo my server’s port forwarding and ip settings. For that reason I want to wait until I have that set up before moving out of Alpha. So far that puts our movement into the Beta Test at around August 10th. I’ll keep posting updates here as we move closer to launch so please check back often.

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