Entering the Aether

Entering the Aether

The Aether is a dimension which is meant to be a complete polar opposite of the Nether. Situated high in the clouds, the Aether can be a fun (and deadly) place to explore. Accessing the dimension is similar to the nether with the main differences being that the gate is constructed from glowstone vs. obsidian and you activate it with a bucket of water vs. a flint and steel

Comparison of Nether and Aether portals

Once inside the Aether you will be given a golden parachute and a lexicon which can be used to obtain information about items from the Aether.

That’s all there really is to this guide; like the Nether, the Aether is fairly straightforward and aside from the few gotchas at the end of the guide there’s not much more I can say without spoiling the experience.

Tips and Gotchas

  • The Aether is above the overworld so if you fall off, you’ll fall back into the overworld (and die if you don’t use your parachute)
  • There are many different things in the Aether that launch you into the air or sideways or have the potential of knocking you back to earth so I’d recommend keeping your parachute in your left hand so you can easily activate it with right click
  • You cannot use regular torches in the Aether, instead you have to craft ambrosium torches so bring a crafting table.
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A quick guide to banners

A quick guide to banners

Banners were introduced back in Minecraft 1.8 and provide a way to cusomize your base or in the case of our server your dragon. Making a banner on it’s own pretty easy and a blank banner can be made using the following recipe.

This will create a blank banner (no design)

However, this is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have a blank banner you can combine it with dye of varying colors to create specific patterns. Now, I could make a rather long guide on all the different patterns. However, I don’t really feel like this is the best way to play around with the different banner designs and there’s actually a pretty nifty online utility that I myself use to create banners located here:

One important thing to note is that the banner designer only includes vanilla (unmodded) banner designs. Our serve has a mod which adds some additional designs which won’t be loaded. It is recommended that you use the banner designer above to kind of get the feel for combining patterns and then play around with both the vanilla and modded banner designs.

Additional Banner Designs

Our version of the additional banner’s mod adds the following designs to Minecraft:

The item depicted in the item frame above each banner is the item needed to make that pattern

The layout on the crafting grid is the same for each item and is depicted below using dragon’s breath as an example

You can exchange ink for any color dye for different colors

Hopefully this guide proves to be a useful reference when creating different banners and remember that there is no real substitute for trying things.

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New Player’s Guide

New Player’s Guide

Since there may be many players who are new to modded Minecraft or may not have experience using the mods our server uses, this guide serves as a quick intro to some of the utility mods which can make like a whole lot more useful if you know how to use them.

The One Probe

Probably the first thing players will notice upon joining the server is a small floating tooltip at the top of the screen (see picture below for example)

A blue bordered tooltip showing information floats in the center of the screen

This toolbox shows useful information about various items. For example right now, it’s showing a green checkmark because the pickaxe I’m holding can break the block I’m looking at. If I needed a stronger pickaxe it would show a red X.

When looking at crops, this shows the % that the crops have grown and for animals it will show the number of seconds that animal has been alive. Once again this can be useful for planning on whether you want to wait to go exploring or wait for your crops/animals to finish growing.

You can also hold down the SHIFT key when looking at a chest to see the chest’s contents before opening see image below for example:

The contents of the seeds chest reveals the item and amounts

Being able to see the contents of chests before breaking can save a lot of time while exploring and the probe will also display whether it’s a trapped chest or not which can help avoid some nasty situations.

You can change the appearance of this box using the readme for the mod which each player should get on startup. If you lost your paper don’t worry you can craft a new one. Some people may like the tooltip bigger or smaller so I figured it was a good thing to leave in.

Appleskin’s Hunger Meter

Another thing players may notice pretty quick is a yellow bar around part or all of their hunger meter. This is the result of a mod named appleskin and it represents how close you are to being hungry (see image above for example of this). Once the yellow bar goes all the way down you start losing hunger.

Another useful function of this mod is that when you hover over a food item either in JEI or in your inventory it will show you the amount of meat shanks and hunger the item will restore. See image below for example of this.

The bread restores 1 and 1/2 meat shanks and 3 and 1/2 hunger

Since Pam’s Harvestcraft tweaks the hunger ratios of many of the default minecraft food items this can be very useful information to have on hand since a bit of planning will need to go into what you keep in your fridge.


Another thing players will probably notice pretty quick is a minimap in the upper-right hand side of the screen.

The minimap can be used to keep your bearings on specific places.

The + and – keys can be used to zoom in and out of the minimap respectively and the J key is used to bring up the map screen as well as Journeymap’s options

What you see when you press J to open the map screen

The main thing most players will do on this screen will be to create waypoints which are glowing beacons which can be used to mark important locations you wish to revisit such as villages, undersea temples, sunken ships, etc.

Clicking the diamond symbol on the far left will create a waypoint at the current location.

Moving the cursor to a location on the map and pressing B will create a waypoint at the location of the cursor

Finally, if you ever wish to delete your map data for any reason, use the trashcan icon.

Most entities have symbols, however many non-Minecraft entities just show up as generic dots. As a general rule, grey dots are passive and red dots are hostile. Keep this in mind so you don’t walk into trouble or get in over your head.

Leveling Up Your HP

One thing added which might not be immediately apparent outside of a red experience meter directly under the normal green one is the ability for players to permanently increase their health.

Once the red experience meter fills up completely players will hear a “ding” sound and the words “HP Level Up” will appear on the screen indicating the player has gained one heart to their life meter.

Experience is gained from killing entities and this was done to provide an role playing aspect to the game.

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory tweaks is probably one of the the mods I miss the most when going back to Vanilla Minecraft from modded Minecraft, and for good reason. Inventory tweaks provides a series of features which make managing inventory a lot easier.

The first thing the mod does is provide a quick way to sort your inventory and chests. By default, you do this with the middle mouse button. However, if you don’t want to use the middle mouse button or don’t have a middle button you can configure a keystroke in the controls menu. I have mine set to K.

Before sorting inventory
After Sorting Inventory

The second thing Inventory tweaks does is replace tools on the toolbar when they break. So, if you have 4 stone pickaxes and the one you’re using breaks; it will auto-replace it for you so you can keep on mining without stopping to swap out for a new one.

The last thing to mention (and what some of you have noticed) are the buttons at the top of the inventory window which look like this:

The button on the far right brings up some additional options for the mod. Probably the one some of you may find useful is repair-friendly refill which refills items before they break vs. after. This can be handy if you have an enchanted tool you really don’t want to see broken.

The other 3 buttons are different sorts the “Z” is the default i.e. the one which happens when you middle click or press your sort key. The other two are sort by columns and sort by row which fire off if you press the middle button (or your sort key) 2 or 3 times quickly.

Using JEI (Just Enough Items)

Probably one of the first differences players used to vanilla gameplay will notice is that when you enter your inventory screen you are greeted with the following:

Notice all the blocks on the right

While this may look like the creative tab, you can’t actually give yourself items unless already in creative (sorry players). However, what this does do is act like a searchable version of the Minecraft recipe book.

One thing an astute player may notice is that there is a search bar at the bottom right of the screen and as you may suspect you can use this to search for a specific item. For example if you type “pickaxe” into the search bar it will bring up all items with “pickaxe” in their name. See the image below for an example of that

A What a JEI search for pickaxe looks like

Another useful option for the search bar is that you can use the @ symbol to search for all items within a specific mod. For example, @tropicraft can be used to search for all items from the tropicraft mod; see example below

Example of searching for items in the tropicraft mod.

Another useful thing you can do is string words together. For example, the following search lists all items from the tropicraft mod with the word yellow in their name.

Searching for “@tropicraft yellow” brings up all yellow items from tropicraft

You can also use the – in front of a word to subtract it from your search. For example doing “wool -yellow -carpet” will get all items with wool in their name but will not include any items with the word yellow or carpet. The result looks like below:

Result of “wool -yellow -carpet”

The last thing we need to talk about regarding searching is the | symbol which can be entered by typing SHIFT+\ on your keyboard. This allows you so say “I want to include option 1 AND option 2. For example, lets say you wanted all items from tropicraft which are yellow AND all items from pam’s harvestcraft which are red. You could accomplish this with the search “@tropicraft yellow | @harvestcraft red” The result is shown below

Results of the search @tropicraft yellow | @harvestcraft red

There are two more things I want to talk about before ending the discussion about JEI and moving on to other things. All this searching is great but what can we do with it? Well, if you right click on one of the items in the search bar, you may see a screen similar to to the following:

Result of right clicking on an item in JEI (will not work for all items)

What this does is it brings up all recipes that item is used for. It’s really useful when planning which resources to stockpile and can really help focus gameplay.

The second thing I want to discuss is the opposite i.e. what happens when you left click an item. When you do, a screen similar to the one below should show up.

Result of left clicking an item in JEI

This brings up the recipe needed to craft the item you clicked on. So, using the example above, I need butter and a baked potato to make a buttery potato. Additionally, if you have a suitable sized crafting environment and all items present, you can click the little plus to the lower right of the item and it will automatically set up your crafting table to make the item.

The last thing I want to talk about is the mostly empty left side of the screen which you can see one fresh water. This is your bookmarked recipes. To add a recipe, over over it while it is pulled up on the right side and press A. to remove it, hover over the item in your bookmarks section and press A. Hopefully you’ve found this useful and will grow to love this mod as much as I have.


I apologize for the long post; I felt it was better to bundle everything related to the new players guide into one post. Hopefully after reading all the sections above players who are new to modded Minecraft will feel a bit less intimidated by the immediate differences in appearance.

Additionally, even if you are familiar with modded Minecraft and these mods I hope you picked up something new from reading this. As always I hope to see you all online and I hope you enjoy your time on our server.

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Accessing Tropicraft’s Dimension

Accessing Tropicraft’s Dimension

In order to enter the tropical dimension, you’ll need a coconut, a pineapple, and some bamboo. Very important, all 3 ingredients need to be the tropicraft version. The Pam’s harvestcraft version won’t work.

First, you’ll need to use some of your bamboo to craft some bamboo sticks and a bamboo mug using the recipes below:

Bamboo Stick (x6)
Bamboo Mug (x1)

Now that you have a mug and your sticks, use your coconut and pineapple to make your pina colada using the recipe below.

Pina Colada (x1)

Finally, grab 3 pieces of wool and use the bamboo sticks you crafted to craft a beach chair. There’s a color of chair for each color of wool so feel free to choose your favorite color for your chair.

Beach Chair (x1)

Now that you have your chair and pina colada, wait until sunset, throw down your beach chair, have a seat and take a sip of your pina colada and you should be whisked off to a tropical paradise.

Notes and Gotchas:

  • “Sunset” is not as liberal as you would think, if you wait too early to drink your pina colada then the effect will wear off before you teleport and nothing will happen. I recommend waiting until late sunset when the sun is at least halfway below the horizon before drinking.
  • You also need a pina colada to get back from the tropicraft dimension so if you’re just planning a quick look around make sure to take more than one pina colada so you can get back home
  • The portal for this is quite big and deforms the landscape where you build it so I would recommend drinking your pina colada away from anything of value to you such as your house, your farm, etc.
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