Download Options

Below you will find a description of the different download options for The Blocky Wilds server. It should be noted that since we use mods setup has the potential to be a bit complex. However, we have also provided options to (hopefully) make the process of setting up a modded instance of minecraft as painless as possible.

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Download Client [Multi-MC] (Recommended)

Uses a 3rd party launcher called multi-mc to install and set up all the files you need to connect and play. This is the least technical way to install the server and is recommended if you've never modded minecraft before or if you don't want to mess with your actual minecraft installation.

Install Client [Manual]

Downloads a zip file and links to the software to install. But leaves everything else up to you. If you want to use the default minecraft client this is the way to go; but is not recommended newer players or players with no prior modding experience.

The Blocky Wilds v3.0 Offline [Multi-MC]

Contains an offline version of the server as it existed before the reset and upgrade to v3.01. This is mainly for the players who put in a lot of hard work on the server to revisit things. Definitely worth a look though.