Join Server

The Blocky Wilds is open to play meaning anyone can join. We do ask that you check out our rules if you do wish to play though. Don’t worry there’s nothing too strict and it mainly just comes down to not being a jerk online.

Our server has switched to using an official Curseforge modpack called Dreamcraft in an effort to make getting online quick and easy. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be online in no time at all.

  1. Download the Curseforge App. This will be used to install and manage your modded minecraft installations.
  2. When you open the app you will see a list of games, Choose Minecraft and then in the search bar (titled Search for Modpacks) that appears at the top of the app search for Dreamcraft
    • NOTE: Make sure to pick the version of Dreamcraft using Fabric, not the one using Forge.
  3. Once you’ve installed Dreamcraft, right click on the entry under My Modpacks and choose Change Version make sure to pick the latest version for 1.18.1 (If not already selected).
  4. Boot up Dreamcraft (click play) and once the title loads, add The Blocky Wilds™ server to multiplayer using the address

Other Considerations

  • Check out the official modpack page for Dreamcraft here.
  • Dreamcraft uses a hefty amount of memory. If you find you have low fps or lots of lag or jumping. Use F3 (in game) to make sure your memory isn’t hitting 100%. If it is you can click the Gear Icon in the bottom left of the Curseforge app to give Minecraft more memory (I usually give it between 4GB and 8GB)
  • Dreamcraft turns on a shader pack by default which can also reduce FPS or cause performance issues on older/less beefy machines. If you’re getting a lot of lag or jumping and your memory isn’t at 100%, try going into the video settings and disabling shaders.