Our goal first and foremost is to ensure that all of our members time and effort on the server is worthwhile and most importantly that our members have a good time. With that being said we do have a few rules to help make sure this is the case. While most of these may seem like common sense it is important to list these out publicly to ensure there is no confusion on how to act when online

No Vandalism
This includes stealing other players items, purposely trampling, destroying or damaging another players crops, house, or other property; or any other actions knowingly done to inflict or ruin another player’s plot such as placing obsidian structures, setting traps, digging pitfalls, placing lava flows, etc.

No Harassment
Harassment includes both physical and verbal harassment and it will not be tolerated. Examples of verbal harassment include sexist comments, racist comments, anti-religious comments, homophobic comments, lewd sexual comments of any type or any other comments which result in a player feeling unwelcome or uncomfortable. Physical harassment includes spam killing, spawn killing, or any other behavior that constitutes bullying or any behavior which targets a single player in a negative manner.

Account Scamming
If any player is caught trying to gain unauthorized access to another player’s account by any means the player in question will be kicked from the server permanently; no exceptions. Please remember we will never ask for either your Mojang username and password nor will we ask for your website username and password. If anyone ever asks for either of these they are a fake and you should notify the staff immediately via the contact page.