This page is meant to provide a way to help users help themselves. While we realize sometimes contacting staff is necessary; we also don’t want for a distinct problem to accidentally get ignored simply because we’re getting a ton of emails about an issue we already know about. If you have already checked all three options below and still have not found an answer to your problem, please contact staff via the contact form page or the discord server.

Archived Announcements

View past announcements for the site. Most of these pertain to older versions of the site. However, many of the mods in use were also in use during earlier versions of the site as well and so you may find that your issue is an old issue which has re-surfaced.

Server Status

Check the current status of the server and see who's currently online (Accurate within 4 minutes)


A list of current open issues for the site. Please check here before contacting staff as we may already be aware of the problem you are facing. If you don't see your issue listed among the open issues please feel free to contact staff and let us know what's going on.