Desktop Software


Ask Brewster

This program is designed to be used with the Nintendo 3DS Game "Animal Crossing New Leaf". This program is to be used during the cafe mini game to accurately predict what kind of coffee each character wants.

Dice Roll Simulator

Physics simulation allowing the user to simulate rolling a physical Vegas style die made from PPMA on a felt wood table. Also allows for manipulation of the center of gravity. Program assumes you are using a standard 18mm die and that the center of gravity cannot be placed outside the die. This may change in later versions

Redd's Keygen

This application was designed to be used with the Animal Crossing: Wild World video game for the Nintendo DS platform. This software generates answers to Redd's questions allowing access to Redd's tent without the use of a letter.


Simple Vocab

This program was designed to help students of all ages study their vocab terms. The program reads in a simple text file and splits the terms and definitions apart to allow for quick and easy memorization.

Instructions on how to set up the text file as well as version information and troubleshooting are located in the read me file included with the program


Web Color Calculator

This program was designed to be used for web development and converts standard computer screen colors (Red/Green/Blue Values) into a web color. Version 2.0 Includes a color slider for easy calculation.