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New Bone Armor Types Added

I just added the newest addition to the tailoring system; daemon bone armor and dragon bone armor. I chose this as a starting point for the tailoring system because much of the machinery needed to generate the armor types was already in place from the bone weapons.

Both armor types take a fairly high tailoring skill amount to make and both offer improved abilities over standard bone armor. No cliloc upgrades needed for this one. However I’m fairly certain the implementation of new leather and scale types will result in more cliloc entries being added so consider this a heads up.

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Imbuing and Bone Weapons Added

I just released another server update related to the crafting system redo I’m currently working on. This release adds 6 magic ores which can be created by imbuing ore, ingots, and granite with elemental essences. This will allow users to transform common materials into magical ones. The currently supported list of transformations are:

  • Iron –> Ice
  • Bronze –> Blazing
  • Copper –> Plasma
  • Lead –> Acid
  • Shadow Iron –> Dusk
  • Emeralite –> Rubicite (Not fully implemented, needs Alchemy)

Additionally, bone weapons have been added to the craft menu for blacksmithing. And dragon bones have been added to the drop menu for Dragons and Sea Monsters. With this Blacksmithing is about 80% complete. There are still a few things to do regarding adding dragon scales and a few loose tie ins with Alchemy but this was definitely one of the more complex systems to update.

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New Ores Added

This has been a long road coming but as of today the new custom ore definitions are up. Also I added this announcement section to the homepage to make it easier to track what I’m doing to the server as I prepare for launch. This has been a MASSIVE update but some of the changes include:

  • 10 new mine-able ores
  • 6 new magical ores (not available through mining)
  • Ore steeds which pop up randomly while mining
  • New ore elementals for each new mineable ore
  • Increased chance to mine perfect gems if Mining is > 100%
  • Updated weapons/armor made from special ores to have modified stats (Copper is an ore not a color)
  • Full integration with bulk order system
  • A lot of other stuff I’ve probably forgotten, seriously this thing was huge

Now for the bad news (more of annoying news); some of the edits I did involved me having to modify the cliloc.enu file and so you will need to re-download those files via the install page.

I’m going to start working on the imbuing system next which should be a much smaller job. There are also a few extra items I want to add to smithing before I consider it 100% complete but this should be a cakewalk next to what I’ve just implemented. Will keep everyone posted and hope to have the server up and running soon.

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