Imbuing and Bone Weapons Added

I just released another server update related to the crafting system redo I’m currently working on. This release adds 6 magic ores which can be created by imbuing ore, ingots, and granite with elemental essences. This will allow users to transform common materials into magical ones. The currently supported list of transformations are:

  • Iron –> Ice
  • Bronze –> Blazing
  • Copper –> Plasma
  • Lead –> Acid
  • Shadow Iron –> Dusk
  • Emeralite –> Rubicite (Not fully implemented, needs Alchemy)

Additionally, bone weapons have been added to the craft menu for blacksmithing. And dragon bones have been added to the drop menu for Dragons and Sea Monsters. With this Blacksmithing is about 80% complete. There are still a few things to do regarding adding dragon scales and a few loose tie ins with Alchemy but this was definitely one of the more complex systems to update.

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