The following instructions are for Windows users. OSX and Linux instructions have not been created yet. However, they are planned and will be created in due time.

Install Ultima Online Classic Client

Download the Classic Client from the uo website located here. Click the “Play For Free” option to be given the option to download the client.

After downloading, follow the instructions for setting up ultima online and patching it with all required updates.

Install server files

Phantom Realms has over 130 custom colors registered which aren’t part of the default Ultima Online color set. This along with the modified cliloc file ensure the server’s custom content integrates as well as possible with Vanilla Ultima Online features. While this step isn’t required, many of the custom enemies, equipment, etc will look much cooler if you take the time to perform this step, and overall this will result in a richer experience.

To install the custom files, simply click the button below to download our patched version of hues.mul and cliloc.enu, unzip the file, and drop the contents into your Ultima Online game folder (it will ask you to replace the file, choose yes). Once you perform this step your Ultima Online installation is ready to go.

NOTE: On Windows, files are installed under Program Files (sometimes Program Files (x86)) in a folder called “Electronic Arts”.

It should ask you if you want to replace the files in the location when copying the files over so if you don’t see that message, they’re probably in the wrong place.

Install Razor

Razor is a utility used to connect to private Ultima Online servers, sometimes called shards. UO Razor can be found here. The link should be about halfway down the page.

Install razor (it shouldn’t take too long) and once done launch the program. After launching razor you should see a series of boxes asking where your Ultima Online installation folder is and which client you want to use (2d or 3d). If you used the default settings when installing Ultima Online you should be all set up already. If you chose a custom location for your installation, make sure to use that same path for Razor.

Join Server

In Razor, there should be two boxes labeled IP Address and Port. These are the two settings you need to make sure are set up correct to connect to the server.

For the IP Address, enter and for the port enter 2593 (if it’s not already set to that). Once finished click Launch and you should be able to log into the server. At the title screen enter your preferred username and password and it should allow you to log in (so long as your username isn’t taken).


If you run into problems, please contact the server admin at indegon1(at) and I look forward to seeing everyone online.