New Ores Added

This has been a long road coming but as of today the new custom ore definitions are up. Also I added this announcement section to the homepage to make it easier to track what I’m doing to the server as I prepare for launch. This has been a MASSIVE update but some of the changes include:

  • 10 new mine-able ores
  • 6 new magical ores (not available through mining)
  • Ore steeds which pop up randomly while mining
  • New ore elementals for each new mineable ore
  • Increased chance to mine perfect gems if Mining is > 100%
  • Updated weapons/armor made from special ores to have modified stats (Copper is an ore not a color)
  • Full integration with bulk order system
  • A lot of other stuff I’ve probably forgotten, seriously this thing was huge

Now for the bad news (more of annoying news); some of the edits I did involved me having to modify the cliloc.enu file and so you will need to re-download those files via the install page.

I’m going to start working on the imbuing system next which should be a much smaller job. There are also a few extra items I want to add to smithing before I consider it 100% complete but this should be a cakewalk next to what I’ve just implemented. Will keep everyone posted and hope to have the server up and running soon.

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