Privacy Policy

This app is a free app provided by Teragen Technologies for individual use. This app is not meant to be used in any way, shape, or form as a paid application. If you paid for this you got ripped off.

Ads and Information Sharing
All information is contained within the app itself. No information is collected by the application persistently nor does the application require the internet or a connection to any sort of database.

This application does not have advertisements nor does it share information with advertisers (since no information is collected there is none to share).

This application is meant for individual use; since it is free; there is no reason to pirate it or try to duplicate or reverse engineer it.

In the event a DMCA or other copyright infringement needs to be brought against this application for any reason; please contact the developer at indegon1(at)gmail(dot)com before taking legal action (I will work with you)

This application does not contain anything offensive or NSFW to the best of my knowledge however like the copyright statement. If you; the user do discover anything which you deem to be non-family friendly, offensive or vulgar please contact me at indegon1(at)gmail(dot)com before taking action against the application (I will work with you).